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Today I wanted to do something like this…


or this…

Instead I’m having a lonely, ordinary day. Alas! That too shall pass. 




Pink Spring

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It’s a gloomy day today. The sky is grey and sheds tears from time to time that waken up the earth gently. Air is clean and you can smell the wet dirt as you breath in. The White pays tribute to this autumn’s last performance by being her gracious self, looking at me from her bed asking not to leave her alone today. I ask the same from her.


Truth is, spring has arrived but she offers some space to her predecessor, to remind us of its own beauty and of his return when time comes. Sticking with the “spring IS here, just hiding today” spirit however, I’d like to share with you a spring recipe. Not only that, but it’s also pink!

As mentioned here we’ve entered the Orthodox Lent, so we have some restrictions in our diet this period. For me it’s the third year I’m honoring the custom. I find it easier to follow it every year, however the spiritual process remains very engaging. I want to have a very clear reason in my soul every time for it. Last two years it was me asking for help from whoever is up there cos my own powers just weren’t enough to cope with what was going on in my heart. This year, it’s me being thankful for that help and for where it led me.

When cooking during Lent, beware of the “creativity trap”. Since you get to use materials that may not normally be your first choice, you discover new tastes, new combinations and there’s the risk of having too much fun with it all. Now, I’m all about “too much fun”, but the point of Lent is to keep it somewhat modest. Thus I warn you, do not expect any extravaganza-drooling-yumminess. You can expect however a good taste, a good diet and an opportunity to appreciate what you eat during the rest of the year. So here we go!

Pink Spring Salad



500 gr Black Eyed Peas

3 red onions

3 beetroots

1 spring onion

2 roast red peppers (I use canned ones in olive oil and vinegar)

a handful of parsley

a handful of dill

olive oil

balsamic vinegar

white vinegar

salt and pepper

unsalted nuts (can leave that out, though it adds crunchiness besides its nutrition value! )

How to

Cut the leaves and wrap the beets (in their skin) with silver foil after washing them well and rinsing some olive oil and white vinegar. Do the same for the onions (peel those first) and put them all in a preheated oven for an hour at 200 degrees C.

Boil the peas for 30-40 minutes in salted water (throw away the first water that gets dark and brown and renew it) until they’re soft but not melted.

Chop the herbs, the peppers and the scallion.

Get the oven goodies and chop them too.

Mix all in a bowl adding salt and pepper.

Process 2 tablespoons of balsamic, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 4 tablespoons of olive oil.

Rinse the vinaigrette and mix again. Adjust the seasoning to your taste.


And guess what… The sun is back!

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