Decoupage bracelet and fused glass ring

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It’s only death

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Spoil Yourself

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This morning I received these! My first tango shoes!!


I fell in love the moment I saw them while browsing for tango shoes. It took me a while to browse them all but patience is a virtue my other half says.

As much of an easy choice this was, deciding to buy them wasn’t. Even though their price is justified for their limited production and the handmade component, my wallet couldn’t really afford them.

BUT! I tried to remember the last time I spoiled myself and well… it’s been a while. So, here we are. My shoes and I, ready to tango. With a blessing from Buenos Aires. What more can an aspiring tango student ask?

When was the last time you spoiled yourself? Do you regret it?

I know I don’t, cos this isn’t just another pair of shoes. They’ll be my partner while learning to tango, they’ll help me feel a bit more confident while attending the classes and just like me, as time goes by, they’ll learn to trust, let go and follow the right lead…


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Today I wanted to do something like this…


or this…

Instead I’m having a lonely, ordinary day. Alas! That too shall pass. 



May Lindstrom Skin Care

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May Lindstrom Skin Care

Read about May Lindstrom through Roost and now I’m set on saving money for the whole series. The site itself is pure art.


Harper’s Bazaar UK : All In Bloom

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Perfect shooting, perfect title.


Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2013 issue :

Model : Katie Fogarty
Photography : David Slijper
Styling : Sophie Forte


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Adriana Lima For Esquire Uk May 2013

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Oh dear…


Model : Adriana Lima
Photographer : Matt Jones


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